Who I am

Who I am

Always a hard and difficult question. Because everyone is unique. So also I’m unique.
I’ll try to tell a little bit about myself, why I started model photography, and what kind of person I am.

The unique person, Roel

On Novembre the 21st 1987, I was born in the hospital in Beverwijk the Netherlands.
Lived my whole live in Heemskerk, and was raised by my parents.
I have a little brother, little in age not in height haha, he grows faster then me, and already is 2 meter 4 cm.

Had a view hobbies, started with swimming on the age of 5 and got to Netherlands Championship. Stopped at 13 years, because of a lag of time.
After that I started a Handball career. And had to stop because of bad knees.
Also started my job in shifts, so I wasn’t free all the time at the weekends.

But, now you wanna know what kind of person I am.
as always people talk about the good things, but I will also tell my bad behaviours.
Everybody has, and I’m not ashamed of telling them.

I’m always in for challenges, and have a head full of new idea’s.
Don’t wanna hang around, but have to do something, because when I need to hold my energy I’m getting restless.
I don’t like procedures, or routine. Always see the bright side in life and have big idea’s (not always executable)
I’ll talk a lot, and always will be interested in the human side of other persons.
Also during shoots!
I’m always interested in finding out new possibilities, better then the well known or accepted, always try too loook 3 steps further.
So sometime i have improvise to get too the goal I achieve.

I’m a friendly person, energetic, social, enthusiastic and curious.
But don’t put high pressure on me, then I’m not that kind anymore.


Why I started (model) photography?

On the age of 8, I’ll got my first camera.
totally unaware what to do, I clicked and clicked.
After developing, all my pictures turned black or white
and I didn’t understand why. So I asked my dad.
Please could you help me.
He tried too learn me the first principals of photography.


Years and years later at the age of 18 years old. I bought my first digital SLR.
At that moment I didn’t take pictures for over 5 years.
So everything has to be started and learned all over again. But this time much faster.

Still I only take picture

s on party’s, off cars, holidays, and sometimes landscapes.
But I was missing something.
INTERACTION with my subject.
So when I was 25, somebody asked me too take a few pictures of her.
And at that moment I started too realise that modelphotography was my kind of photography